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The team

Discover our Team



Founder of the Sardinia Fun project, as well as undisputed leader in devising new ideas, not always feasible but always extraordinary. 
He thinks of one and does a hundred because his passions are endless: environmental hiking guide, padel instructor, lifeguard, but also captain with a nautical license, bachata dancer, starred carbonara chef... a real leader with a thousand resources!  
And let's add that he has traveled all over the world and is able to speak even languages he doesn't know (like father, like daughter). But the main feature is that all the passion he has for Sardiniafun manages to convey it, fully involving the group and bringing a lot of joy and professionalism.



JOHNMY (The Entertainer)

The beauty of the team, blond and blue eyes. He was born as an animator, entertainer and actor. With his presence, our experiences are more fun and attractive, with his enthusiasm and desire to keep us entertained, the days for our guests are very fun and exciting both from an experiential point of view and from the charm of his charisma. Thanks to Giommy, fun is guaranteed at each of our outings. Oh I forgot don't give him petrol because his passion is performing with fire.

ELISA (The Immortalatrice Serial)

Architecture graduate joins our team as social media marketing and photo reporter of our adventures, capturing magical moments for all our clients. As long as her photos come out perfect, our architect is ready for any sacrifice. Thanks to his dedication and his work, our customers will be able to remember their best moments by printing one of his pretty photos and hanging it in their living room, remembering the beautiful day spent with us.

sara paracadute1.jpg

SARA (The Mad Professor)

Graduated in engineering, she is also a fundamental pivot of our reality, with her perfection she takes care of viewing and consulting all the texts and our ideas, trying to find the best way to ensure that everything is in perfect safety and in harmony with the place we're going to go, but when it comes to exploring she's the most reckless of the bunch.

BEA(The Teacher)

The team mascot joined the Sardinia Fun team at the age of 4, asking her father to take her on organized excursions. Always at the forefront she is the trailblazer for every excursion, she manages to communicate with all the tourists from various parts of the world even with the Japanese, she speaks 20 languages, she is not ashamed of anything and above all she is the master of everything. He loves going out on kayak excursions and explaining to customers the history of the area in which we find ourselves. She wants to do everything just like children, but she doesn't like diving from rocks like her father.


TORE ( wild )

Graduated in natural sciences, expert and abseiling fanatic, when he sees a rock he must first climb it and then get on the rope. Expert in botany and geology with our wild we have an explanation for everything. His passion for nature and hiking leads him to live like our ancestors always hanging everywhere. His figure in the team has a very important role, thanks to his studies we are ready to survive.

VERONICA (Me gugi)

A fundamental figure of Sardinia Fun, in traveling trips around Sardinia me gugì is the one who takes care of preparing all the equipment on the beach with care and organization. When we are all tired she still has energy to spare, with her determined and likeable character she goes well with the Sardinia Fun project. Only one flaw, knowing that the Founder loves sweets (mother-in-law's tongues) he never buys them for me.

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